Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award


What an honor the lovely Lady Constance from Threading Through Time nominated our blog for a Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. This is fun and I like this because it isn’t wordpress specific so we can nominate other people.

Our 10 Questions from Lady Constance:

1: Which of your projects is the one that proved to you “I can do this!”?

Sophia: Mine was making hand sewn transitional stays! I don’t think they were totally accurate but they were a labor of love, needle pricks and bleach pen touch ups.

Erin: I got really ambitious trying to recreate a Vionnet dress from the Betty Kirke book. It was only an illustration without measurements (and possible not correctly scaled?) but I figured it out and learned a skill while I was at it. It wasn’t a fully successful experiment but it was enough to get the bug. (I blogged about this here)

2: If you could eat any one food, as much as you want, without getting too heavy or too thin or having any ill health effects at all, what would it be?

Sophia: I love Thai food but I feel like that is too healthy of a choice so I would say a really good $20 gourmet burger.

Erin: The vegetarian Reuben sandwich at my local deli!

3: Who do you most appreciate having in your life?

Sophia: My family due to a lay off and trying to work as a freelance creative I have moved home. I can’t explain how welcoming they have been to having me back home.

Erin: It’s hard to pick one. I’m so thankful for all my friends, they make my life infinitely more interesting and enjoyable.

4: What is your favorite place, and why? It can be anywhere – in your own backyard or around the world. (“In my head” doesn’t count…and is a bit scary.)

Sophia: I love nature, the woods, and water and Wekiwa Springs is one of my favorite examples of that.

Erin: I love going to the Cloisters Museum – to get to it you have to walk through beautiful Fort Tryon Park, and the inside is seamlessly composed of 5 medieval abbeys imported to New York in the 30’s. It’s the first destination on my staycation list.

5: If you could dress for only one historical period, assuming you had access to all the help you’d need, which one would it be, and why?

Sophia: I would say early 1930s but that is too tangible, if I had all the maids and money in the world I would say 1770s-1790s.

Erin: I love clothing from 1910-1919. It’s really the birth of modern fashion, so clothes are lighter and more practical but still beautiful.

6: If you absolutely had to dye your hair (no choice about it) in something other than a natural color, what would that color be? Or would you just shave it all off and start hoarding wigs?

Sophia: Cotton candy pink or lilac! If I didn’t have naturally black hair I probably would have done it by now.

Erin: Maybe a pale blue – grey? I would hate something too loud. No yellow or green for me!

7: What is your favorite kind of hand needlework? Sewing, needlepoint, embroidery, cross stitch…?

Sophia: I like beadwork and embellishment a lot, I don’t do it often enough.

Erin: I love hand sewing. For me it’s relaxing but I can also multitask while watching movies or travelling, because it doesn’t take the amount of concentration embroidery does.

8: If your home was on fire and you only had time to save one pattern from your stash, which one would it be?

Sophia: I almost always draft my own patterns so I would save my favorite totally outdated pattern making book, Pattern Making for Fashion Design.

Erin: I would also save a book, Seventeenth Century Women’s Dress Patterns. I haven’t made anything from it yet, but all of the patterns in it are on my bucket list.

9: Same question, but for fabric. Which single piece of fabric would you save? (And no, you can’t stay and go up in smoke with the stash. No “Fahrenheit 451″ options, OK?)

Sophia: It is hard to believe but I don’t really stash that much I have about one large paper bag full of fabric, but I do have thousands of buttons from my grandmother in a suitcase so I would grab that.

Erin: I have one yard of antique dusty-rose silk satin that I will spend my entire life trying to do something with. It would be such a waste to burn!

10: What inspires you to continue creating and blogging when there are so many other things competing for your time every day?

Sophia: That is why I love Historical Sew Monthly it only requires me to post once a month even though the projects can take a long time. I usually find multiple uses for the things I make as well.

Erin: Although I am not as good as I should be about blogging, I find that it’s really helpful to organize my thoughts and get the most out of the experience. It’s easy to forget the thought process behind a garment, but when you are actively thinking about it and connecting it to all your research and inspiration I find it carries into the next project as well. It’s fun to go deeper and deeper every time.

Our Questions: 

1: What is your favorite classic movie (pre 1970)? It can be for the plot, costumes, songs, sets.

2: If you could make your dream outfit no time or money constraints what would it be?

3: What is your favorite fashion designer or trend in current times?

4: If you don’t mind sharing, what is your day job? Is it related or unrelated to costuming?

5: What historical figure would you most like to have dinner with?

6. What is usually the starting point for your projects? (For example: original museum pieces, fabrics, color, etc) Where do you get your inspiration?

7. Share your secret! What’s the best sewing trick you’ve picked up over the years?

8. If you had an extra day in the week, what would you do with it?

9.  What’s your favorite day-off ritual?

10. (I’m stealing this question because I think it’s so important!) What inspires you to continue creating and blogging when there are so many other things competing for your time every day?

And now our nominations! I would have nominated several other people but they have already been nominated or they are really big in the world in historical costuming and already have many many followers.

Our Nominations: 

The Modern Mantua Maker I love her attention to detail and the fact that she sews so many different eras. This Spencer blows my mind! I can only aspire to this level of sewing especially in something entirely hand sewn.

A Damsel in This Dress she not only makes beautiful garments but does reenactments with horses! Take a look at some of her ridding habits.

The Aristocat makes lovely undergarments as well as full outfits.

The Quintessential Clothes Pen is great at walking her readers through all her steps. Her 1890s skating costume is one of my favorites.

The Pragmatic Costumer is a real historian, she makes and she collects. She inspires me to start posting some of my bits and bobs I have collected.

Inside Aimee’s Victorian Armoire is a great writer. She is always posting funny bits of history and makes lovely clothes including some great 20th century looks.

Recreating History by Andrea Håkansson focuses on late 14th century attire. Consistently well researched and photographed beautifully, her blog is infinitely inspiring and a reminder that the accessories make the outfit!

Isabel Northwode Costumes – all the historical accuracy you dream about, tons of great progress shots and explanations. The first project I saw of hers was the Louisbourg gown – a truly dedicated achievement- and the rest of her projects do not disappoint. Spend some time here!

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site.(√)
2. Put the Award logo on your blog. (√)
3. Answer the ten questions sent to you. (√)
4. Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer. (√)
5. Nominate ten blogs. (sorry so many of the blogs I love have already been chosen so the list is a little short)


3 thoughts on “Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

  1. quinnmburgess July 27, 2015 / 1:11 am

    Thanks for the nomination and kind words, ladies! I love the skating costume, too! 🙂 It’s one of my favorites.



  2. Andrea August 1, 2015 / 2:29 pm

    Thank you so much for the nomination! I don’t really do these blog award-things, but I really appreciate the nomination and your kind words!



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